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Serkong Tsenshab Rinpoche

Kyabje Serkong Tsenshab Rinpoche (1914-83) was born in Lhokha, southern Tibet. His father was one of Tibet's outstanding masters, Serkong Dorje Chang, and was said to be the incarnation of Marpa the translator; his mother was said to be the incarnation of Marpa's wife Dagmema; and Rinpoche was said to be the incarnation of Marpa's son Darma Dodé. In 1959 he was the highest incarnate lama of the Ganden Jangtse Monastery and was the only one of His Holiness the Dalai Lama's seven spiritual assistants to escape from Tibet.

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Teachings from Serkong Tsenshab Rinpoche


A teaching by Serkong Tsenshab Rinpoche in New Delhi, India, 1979 on renunciation, first published in Teachings at Tushita.

The Guru Yoga of Lama Tsongkhapa

A commentary given in Dharamsala, India in July 1976 on a practice to help invoke the blessings of one's personal teachers and to develop guru devotion.